Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year Detox

It's the new year and i'm busy with many clients detoxing their body, mind and spirit. This is the time of year that everyone wants to start pure and clean- And i love helping them do this. Cleansing can be done on many different levels and in many different ways- from just eating whole real foods and nothing processed for 3 days to doing a green juice cleanse for 14 days or more and so many other levels. no matter what level you choose you should always include only whole real organic foods and juices, simplify your eating and become mindful about how you respond to your new eating style.
I recommend everyone do a 7-day or more cleanse every season, 3-day cleanse at various times throughout the year and 1-day cleanses every week. Also, think of each night as a detox by not eating for at least 12 hours. if you stop eating at 7pm then do not eat anything till 7am. this gives the body time to rest and rejuvenate. For the one day cleanse choose one day each week that you eat very simple such as a green juice in the morning, a salad for lunch and a soup for dinner. Or you can choose one day per week to do a juice cleanse where you only drink green juices all day.

Currently i'm doing a few days of just green juices and green smoothies. here is a sample day:

tongue brush
warm water with lemon, probiotic
kombucha tea
Green Juice + wheatgrass powder and supplements
Some days i do some fresh fruit like mango or papaya
Green Smoothie with superfoods such as pure synergy green powder, sun warrior vanilla protein powder, acai powder, ground flax seed etc.
skin brush before shower
exfoliate in shower
moisturize with coconut oil
silence / meditation

The green juice today was:
broccoli sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
pea sprouts
bok choy
green leaf lettuce
then i mixed in wheatgrass powder

my green smoothie today was:
1 heaping tbsp pure synergy green powder
sun warrior vanilla protein powder

Enjoy!! namaste, kelly

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Svelte Mommy said...

how many calories a day are you eating?