Monday, January 17, 2011

Being Present / Yoga / Daily Liquid Nutrition

one of my daily intentions is to "be present" in everything i do. when i'm spending time with my kids i'm very aware of not just "going through the motions". Instead i truly try to see the world through their eyes and determine what their needs, wants, emotions are etc. It is a challenge for me to not just react to situations but to think through my actions when responding to their actions. i remind myself that they learn from me. This is a life lesson. how you treat people and act towards people is often how others will respond to you. i had a lot of kid time this weekend which is always soooo much fun!! here are some pics of us playing at norwood park yesterday. it was a little chilly but i love to get out and play any time we can!!

Yoga has been amazing lately. my 4am practice was focused on going deeper into the connection of the breath and each movement. my 8:30 class today was a fabulous vinyasa flow focused on developing core and upper body strength. one of my intentions right now is to increase my overall "muscle strength"!!!- so it was a perfect class. here is a pic of crow pose which helps to build upper body and core strength.

Today i drank most of my meals. I like doing this days i'm on the move because i get my nutrients in and don't have to waste time chewing. i make sure to still swirl the liquid around my mouth so that the enzymes in my mouth take action on the food and help with digestion.
woke 4am
yoga practice at home
water and probiotic
drank kombucha while kids munched on cantaloupe and we made buckwheat pancakes
owen drank his green smoothie and mason drank his almond carob milk leftover from yesterday (almond milk, whole leaf stevia, carob, sometimes a date or raw honey)
yoga class at studio
2 large amazing mangos
grocery shopping with mason
made smoothies for kids and I
mango, strawberries, banana, spinach, chard, pure synergy green powder, acai powder, pomegranate powder, sun warrior vanilla protein powder all blended up in vitamin blender.

kids also had a bowl of lentil, veggie and quinoa soup with avocado and sprinkled with nutritional yeast.

off to the "Playseum" in bethesda for an afternoon of fun!!

home to make dinner with kids
made large almond milk smoothie for all of us: almond milk, banana, lucuma powder, sun warrior brown rice vanilla protein powder, whole leaf stevia, vanilla powder (i've been loving this lately!!! and the kids too).
kids also had organic chicken breast, more lentil, quinoa and veggie stew and raw carrots and cantaloupe. they snacked on some raw almond chocolate ice cream later.
i don't often give the kids fish or chicken or any meat but occasionally i do to let them try a little of everything available. they loved it tonight. especially because they put organic ketchup on it too!!! everything is better with ketchup. i feel ok about giving them these foods occasionally as long as they are from the best sources. i feel it is important to introduce kids to a variety of foods and styles of eating and hope they will make healthy decisions when they are choosing what to eat in the future.
i of course am sipping a kombucha tea as i write this.
so for me it was mostly smoothies today and i loved it.
time to relax, read and go to bed

namaste, kelly

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