Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Daily Nutrition

Here is what i thrived on today.

I actually slept in till 5:30 when mason came in to wake me up
Yoga with the boys
water, probiotic
sipped on kombucha while making buckwheat pancakes for the boys
yoga class at yoga fusion- great class today!!!

home to make my green juice
3 shots of E-3 live
supplements: vit C and Vit D3
20 ounces of green juice with wheatgrass powder

20 ounces of green juice with pure syngery green powder
worked on updates on "detox program" while owen was napping
brazil nut milk smoothie- sooo yummy:
2 cups homemade brazil nut milk
1 1/2 scoop sun warrior protein powder
dash of whole leaf stevia
dash of vanilla powder
1 frozen banana
a few hours later:
couple bites of broccoli
sesame sprouted grain bread with avocado mashed on top sprinkled with nutritional yeast and dash of sea salt.

each bite i dipped in a little olive oil: my body is craving fat. i've been craving fats like avocado and olive oil lately!!! Plus, i rarely eat grains and i just felt my body wanted something dense today.
skinned brushed before shower
moisturized with coconut oil after shower!!

Sipping on kombucha tea as i write this.

one food combining rule that i'm very strict about is allowing one meal to fully digest before eating the next. This helps to optimally digest each meal you eat. Pay attention to your hunger cues. if you are not hungry- don't eat- it's simple!!

Namaste, Kelly

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