Sunday, January 23, 2011

Delicious Arugala Beet Orange Walnut Salad and more...

i had a wonderful playdate all afternoon with a fabulous friend who has a 5 year old boy. our boys played sooo well together while we made a feast and enjoyed great conversation and down time. our feast was a delicious Arugala Beet Orange Walnut Salad. i wanted to take pics but totally forgot because i was having so much fun in the moment. you have to try this salad!! remember- i rarely follow recipes so this was just me throwing in stuff that i new would be fabulous so my amounts are estimates.

serves 2:
3/4 box of herb mix salad
3/4 box of arugala
beets- i lightly steamed them today because i wanted that warming feeling. i often grate raw beets and this is delicious too.
1/2 cup soaked organic sun dried tomatoes
1-2 tbsp kelp (from shakers)
1-2 tbsp dulse (from shakers)
1/2 cup raw organic sprouted walnuts
2 tbsp nutritional yeast
optional to add sprouts- i had no sprouts today or else i would have added them!!

juice of 1 orange, plus the pulp of the orange in small slices
2 tbsp sun dried tomato soaked water
1 tbsp tahini- love rejuvenative foods brand
dash of salt
dash of pepper
1 tsp nutritional yeast
whisk all ingredients together
mix dressing into salad and enjoy!! i always add more nutritional yeast and sea veggies on top!!!

after playing with the boys and cleaning up we enjoyed more conversation and lots of yummy KALE CHIPS!!!

ok- now the negative part of the day- got a little strain in my adductor muscle- inner thigh muscle. i either was not warmed up enough before going into a pose at yoga or just went too deep. even being very mindful and present a strain can happen occasionally. i try to learn from all experiences so this is a time to slow down and let my body heal. i believe everything happens for a reason so i will go with it. when things like this happen it does not mean you have to totally take off of your exercise program. i plan to continue my yoga / movement program but with modifications. i will focus on more upper body and core strengthening. i will open other areas of my body that i can without irritating the adductor. i will deepen my breathing practice etc.... so this week i will most likely not go to yoga class but continue my home practice focusing on poses that my body will thrive on right now. i challenge everyone who has some kind of injury or issue to be mindful and work on developing a movement program that will help your body heal instead of hurting it more. most importantly don't do nothing. we all need to move and exercise everyday!! if you need help developing an exercise/movement program taking into consideration injuries and issues i'm happy to help you- this is what i do everyday with my patients and clients. i combine my physical therapy expertise with my knowledge in yoga, pilates and gyrotonic exercise to develop effective exercise / movement programs.

happy detoxing to all my 7-day detoxees and happy healing to me!!!

namaste, kelly

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