Monday, January 31, 2011

Yummy Healthy Raw Ice Cream

My router died so i was unable to get online for a few days!! what an awful yet freeing feeling. as much as it was terrible not being able to connect on-line, send emails etc it also gave me some time to focus on a project that i've been working on. i've been working on my recipe e-book and this weekend i took the time to edit it, add pics and add some more recipes. it truly includes all my favorite recipes. It is all about simple and easy ways to eat more nutritious and delicious raw living foods. Its not just for 100% raw vegans but for everyone that wants to eat well. i'm sooo excited to get it done, get it on my website and share it with everyone!! its coming soon!!!

my ice cream was vanilla banana but i only had a pic of chocolate!! i'll take pics of my ice cream next time i make it- i'm sure i will make it again very soon!!! i think i'll do a chocolate banana next.

ok- so yes its freezing outside and we may get another ice storm this week but i was in the mood for a yummy cold creamy treat today. i made a huge batch of raw vegan vanilla banana ice cream and mason, owen and i ate it all!!!

4 cups almond milk (i used homemade but you can use store bought too. you can use any nut/seed milk: hemp, brazil nut and cashew milks always make good ice creams.)
4 frozen bananas
3 scoops sun warrior vanilla protein powder
4 tbsps non-gmo soy lecithin
4 dates
10 drop vanilla stevia
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of sea salt
blend all the above ingredients in vita-mix blender till creamy. place in ice cream machine and follow directions on your machine. my ice cream maker takes about 45 minutes to turn the liquid into a creamy delight!! it was exactly what i wanted today!!! yummy!!!

namaste, kelly

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