Thursday, January 27, 2011

No Power!!!

mason making snow angels!!!!

crazy day so this will be short. we lost power and are staying at a hotel. yes- its warm and cozy but its not my home. but we are treating it as an adventure!! so during an unplanned crisis like this what do you do for food?? you eat simple. i had loads of ripe mangos that the kids and i indulged in all day. then i had some homemade almond milk leftover from yesterday so i mix in some sun warrior protein powder, shook it really hard in my mason jar and enjoyed every sip. for the kids i brought sprouted bread with nut butters and bananas, raisens, avocado, lara bars, clementines and apples. we all also love all of lydias organics crackers so i brought those to put a chunk of avocado on top and munch on when we are hungry. so we got lots of food to thrive on.
today i took the kids to the Playseum in bethesda and it was fabulous- perfect place that you can spend a few hours and just run and play!!
ok- time to go play with the kids- barnyard uno and memory!!

stay warm and cozy!!!

namaste, kelly

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