Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today's Nutrition / Raw Vegan Ice Cream

Today was the pre-detox workshop for the next group of 7-day detoxees. I love doing detox programs because i truly feel that everyone gets in touch with their bodies on a different level. a huge part of the program is journaling and becoming mindful about how food makes you feel, connecting food to certain symptoms, recognizing cravings etc. If you feel out of control with your food, nutrition, wellness etc then i challenge you to slow down and start journaling. i also highly recommend you write down what you plan on eating the next day. this helps you be prepared and have a plan for the whole day of eating. you are more likely to be successful in changing your eating habits if you are prepared and have a plan.

My nutrition today:
woke at 4 for yoga
water, probiotic
drank kombucha while making green juice
made boys smoothies for the day using green juice as a base
yoga class at yoga fusion- fabulous sequence today by eileen!!

was soooooo thirsty for my green juice i was thinking about it during class!!
drank green juice and took supplements

home to spend time with owen
made brazil nut milk and brazil nut smoothie

drank brazil nut smoothie: brazil nut milk, frozen banana, sun warrior brown rice protein powder, dash of whole leaf stevia- i love this smoothie!!
brazil nuts are loaded with selenium which is great for helping to get toxins out of the body. just one brazil nut per day provides you with your daily selenium requirements.
pre-detox workshop
home for ice cream and movie night with the family!!
i ate wayyyyy too much ice cream but it was soooo delish!! i love "cashew creamery" raw vegan vanilla and chocolate. i ate a mixture of the two. this creamy dessert is a wonderful alternative to regular ice cream. however, you still should not overindulge. it is still loaded with fat and sugar. yes- good fats but too many fats are hard for the body to digest. The sugar is agave. i'm not a fan of agave!! some research is showing that due to agave's high fructose levels it can cause metabolic syndrome and other negative issues. so i never eat it on a regular basis. occasionally when i indulge in a sweet treat and it has it in i will eat it but
i never put it in anything myself. what i suggest for others who want to include it in their diet is to not eat it every day and to vary between other sugars- raw honey, dates/dried fruit, lucuma, mesquite, whole leaf stevia etc.
typically for our ice cream nights i make my own raw vegan ice creams with less fat and better sugars. i even often add sun warrior protein to my ice creams.
now i'm sipping on a kombucha tea and will go to bed and get a good night rest soon!!

namaste, kelly

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