Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blue Green Coconut Smoothie and new kale chip recipes!!

i hope everyone got their share of D3 today!! i started the day with rebounding, yoga, juice, all my superfoods and chlorella. Owen and i visited the Take Back Your Health Conference which was fabulous. thanks ryan for inviting me!!! I'm extremely excited that the raw food lifestyle and healthy living is getting to more and more people. my goal is for this lifestyle to be the mainstream one day. i'm working on many new programs to share with everyone so that more people can learn about the lifestyle and easily incorporate it into their lives!! stay tuned for some great stuff!!!

this was the best coconut smoothie i've made!! soooo creamy, sweet tasting and delicious!!
Blue Green Coconut smoothie:

1 cup Coconut meat
1/2 cup Coconut water
1 big handful Cilantro
2-3 big handfuls Spinach
1 tsp Crystal manna
1 dropper Vanilla stevia
½ tsp Vanilla powder or organic vanilla beans
1 tsp Cinnamon
Dash Sea salt

*i enjoyed it sitting outside in the sun with a friend while we watched owen play in the dirt!! he loves the dirt!!!

i also experimented with two new kale chip recipes:
spicy tumeric sunflower seed

garlic spirulina

kale chips are dehydrating now so if they turn out great i'll share the recipes!!

time for bed!!

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