Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Salad of the day / Fruit Ice Cream / The Zoo!!!!

today was our trip to the zoo!!! what a blast!! we packed up our healthy snacks and off to the zoo we were. before leaving we nourished ourselves with green juices and chlorella of course. the boys also feasted on eggs (organic local farm-raised of course) and sprouted grain bread with almond butter and bananas.

i took my power juice of apple, ginger and maca to the zoo in addition to 16 more ounces of green juice in an old kombucha bottle that i could just throw away. i've been loving the apple,ginger, maca combo lately!! so powerful!!!
cheetahs and zebras


mason was eaten by a dinosaur!!



i took loads of healthy foods that the boys ate up but of course they also wanted just one snow cone. nothing like some "red dye 46" getting into my boys- drive me crazy!! but its what they do 95% of the time that counts. they need to be kids and experience all those chemicals at some point.

home for a relaxing nourishing late lunch/dinner of a colorful salad nori roll.
cultured carrots and kim chi
kelp, dulse, arame
alfalfa, broccoli sprouts
1 avocado
lots of nutritional yeast
juice of 1 lemon
lots of tahini
1 large clove garlic crushed
1 tbsp scallions
water to desired consistency

the boys had fun making their own fruit ice creams in the vitamix.

goji berries
*i like to add vanilla sun warrior to this for the boys but they didn't want it tonight.

later we played soccer and rode bike in the back yard. it was a beautiful sunny night. my favorite quote from owen while we were playing in the back yard, "don't let the bees get my green juice mommy!!". he was sooooo serious about this.

bath time.

now we are all showered and cozy in our PJs. i'm a big believer in getting in PJs as early as possible to relax, cuddle and enjoy mellow time together- board games, cards, reading, flash cards, etc..

have a wonderful night. kelly

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