Saturday, April 14, 2012

Juice / Yoga / Nutrient-Dense salad day!!!

Today i did a yoga workshop all day and when i'm focused on mind/body movement i can not eat food. when i eat my energy goes towards eating and its not as focused on precise movement. Drinking juices all day is ideal in this situation. so today i juiced and practiced yoga all day and then had a nutrient-dense salad around 4ish. i woke early before the workshop to juice loads of green juice and carrot/ginger juice!!

my nutrient-dense salad of the day:

sunflower sprouts
herb mix greens
cultured carrots
red pepper
red onion
sprouted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts seasoned with curry!!- these were the homemade ones from the other day!!
hemp seeds
lemon juice
dash of cumin, tumeric and sea salt

*i mashed it all together and yum!!!! i ate it while watching my boys play baseball out back.

check out my little juicing helper!! he loves how the hurom just eats up all the veggies and then it comes out as his "green juice". if you could only here how he says green juice!! its sooo cute.

he was attacking me with chard!!!

practicing knife skills cutting apples.

enjoy the beautiful day tomorrow. kelly

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