Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and lots more......

what a day- beautiful weather and fabulous food, family and fun!!
boys started with the morning easter egg hunt. i of course got them organic raw chocolate almonds and organic jelly beans but they were still filled with sugar!! wow were they ready for action.

off to the park for bike riding, basketball and play!! i could have stayed at the park all day.

time for my easter cacao treats!! gnosis raw vegan cacao bars- my two favorite!!!

art time with the boys!! we all made masterpieces.

mom mom and pop pop stopped by with their new RV. owen called it their school bus!!

stopped at puree to pick up two green juices for tomorrow and could not resist a maca cacao milk. i brought it home and added dandy to it for a mocha coffee drink!! delish!!

eating cereal makes me feel like a kid and i love that there are plenty of dehydrated raw vegan cereals to choose from. today i did a bowl of go raw apple dehydrated buckwheat, sprinkled with hemp seeds and a few salted pumpkin seeds in almond milk sweetened with a little vanilla stevia and coconut sugar. i ate this as my dinner- how fun!! i felt like a total kid!!

relaxed and read my dwell magazine while eating my cereal!!

one of the easiest raw vegan snacks is sprouted flavored nuts and seeds. i soaked a huge amount of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts. i drained and rinsed them and mixed them together. then i separated them on to various dehydrator trays and added different spices!! some of my favorite spices are from chef Frank Giglio.
tumeric and sea salt-

this one is my favorite!!

owen lounging on the grass after a fun-filled day!!

have a fabulous week!!


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