Monday, April 16, 2012

Optimal RAW week!!

This week i have many clients just starting an optimal raw eating plan. i want to support them and give them and all of you ideas of ways to incorporate optimal raw eating into your life!! this week i'm eating the cleanest purest diet ever!!! i always eat pure but this week its the most optimal raw diet possible with no fruit/sugars and including loads of alkalizing water, cucumber juices, sprout and green juices (no fruit or sugary veggies added!!), wheatgrass, e-3 live, superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, and green superfoods powders, cultured foods, sea veggies and more.... Just pure real whole foods and superfoods!!! Plus its not just what you eat but how you eat- proper food combining, alkalizing foods, what time of day you eat what!!! there is alot involved in optimally nourishing the mind and body!!!

always start the day with loads of water!!! after the gym had a shot of e-3 live!!
simple cucumber juice is sooo pure, amazing and nourishing!! great to start the day with this!!

drank about 40 ounces of my sprout and green juice!!

at least 50% was sunflower, pea, alfalfa, radish and broccoli sprouts
loads of dark leafy greens like kale, collards, chard, spinach, bok choy, romaine
cleansing herbs- dandelion, parsley, cilantro
celery and cucumber
lots of ginger and lemon juice
to my super sprout green juice i added my zeolites, minerals and crystal energy!! i added this only to the first glass. ate chlorella with the next glass!!

mid-morning had shot of wheatgrass and more of my sprout and green juice. Drank it till early afternoon!!

sipped on water and spring dragon tea in afternoon.

time for my delish nutrient-dense salad and winning garlic spirulina kale chips!! i may have a new favorite kale chip!! my salad today was loaded with amazing ingredients!!!

sunflower sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
rejuvenative foods cultured kim chi
red pepper
mung bean sprouts
arame, hiziki
kelp, dulse
flax oil
lemon juice
one clove garlic crushed
dash of my garlic sea salt seasoning by frank
my favorite kim chi

look at all the nourishing sprouts!!

here is the recipe for the garlic spirulina kale chips!!

1 head of raw kale
2 tbsps hemp seeds
1/4 cup rejuvenative foods tahini
1/4 cup lemon juice (next time i will decrease the lemon juice)
1 tbsp miso
1 clove garlic
1 tsp pure synergy green powder
1/8 cup water

*blend all ingredients in blender, coat kale evenly, dehydrate 6 hours. sooo nourishing!! i love eating something crunchy with my salads!!

have a fabulous week!!!


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