Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fun in the SNOW!!! & Raw Vegan Warm Cacao!!

I loved waking up to snow this morning!! the house was quiet as i left the house at 6:45am to go to equinox. i was energized by the beautiful snow and clearing away the snow before i could leave. Did a great 2 hour workout at equinox: elliptical, treadmill, bike, weight machines for upper and lower body, core and stretching!! when i'm doing my strength training routines i often do yoga poses or a vinyasa between sets. for instance i might do some latt pull-downs and back work and then do a few vinyasas. between lower body sets i often do dancers pose, crescent lunge, warrior I, warrior II and triangle. i love the combo of the different forms of exercise and movement.
i could not wait to get home and make my power smoothie!! my body was ready to recover and be nourished!!
power smoothie today: sorry no pic..
coconut water
goji berries
sun warrior protein
pure synergy
bee pollen
barley grass powder
blue manna
acai, pomegranate powder, camu camu
dulse, kelp

i made my smoothie and got the boys ready for some fun in the snow. we all bundled up and got out the snowboard and sleds!! We had such a blast!!
Today was mason's first day on the snowboard and he was awesome!! he had great balance and would have stayed out all day- we did go out later in the afternoon again!!

owen has a snowboard too but he was more into his saucer!!

owen figured out the easiest way to get the saucer back up the hill.

daddy and owen flying on the saucer!!

after the morning in the snow we came in for warm hot cacao and a snack!! sorry no pics but this is a must for kids and adults!

kids warm cacao:
2 cups almond milk
2 tbsps cacao powder
1 tsp mesquite and lucuma
1 tbsp coconut sugar
warm on stove to desired temp- not above 118 degrees to preserve nutrients!!

the boys had a snack of bananas smothered in sunflower seed butter with hemp seeds and bee pollen sprinkled on top!! yummy!!

i love seeing the boys soooo energized about the snow! its important to me as a mom to my boys to introduce them to as much as i can in life and then have them choose their passions and what they want to learn more about. i love that mason got to experience snow boarding today and connected with it!! if we don't try new things and seek out learning about new things we will never know what we are missing- it could be something that becomes a huge part of our lives. this is one reason i'm obsessed with not wasting time. i love making the most out of every moment!! we all get stuck in ruts and as adults its easy to keep to the regular schedule. i challenge you to spice things up!! it could be simple like adding more variety to your diet. it could be a new activity like learning how to cross country ski. for me right now i'm learning more about art. i need to add some spice and energy to my walls!! have fun and get out there and learn and experience something new and interesting!!

have fun!! kelly

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