Thursday, January 26, 2012

My tips to fight a cold!!

first owen was sick, then my husband and yes- i got it!! soooo bummed. when i have a cold here are a few things i do:

-eat/drink very light. today i did a juice fruit cleanse with loads of ginger!! ginger and garlic are awesome for helping to fight colds!!

6am warm water lemon cayenne
7-9am green juice, chlorella, a few superfoods, supplments (loaded up on vitamin c and elderberry and a few other "cold-be-gone" tinctures)

11:00 beet ginger juice

11:15 carrot ginger juice

12:30 more carrot ginger juice and shot of e-3 live
lots of water all afternoon
5:15ish owen and i shared loads of fresh organic mango while watching mason at karate class

6:30ish was needing something else so i took a few spoonfuls of chlorella tablets- they totally satisfied me!!

-Use a neti pot or neil med to rinse nasal passages at least twice a day.
-Skin brush before every shower to get lymphatic system flowing. Exfoliate when in shower to get rid of dead skin.
-An infra red sauna would be ideal but just sitting in a steam room/sauna is great too. Equinox has a great one!!
-Rebounding to get lymphatic system flowing and blood pumping.
-Light exercise!! i still need to move my body. i did an early morning slow vinyasa practice focusing on connecting the breath with movement. i felt soooo much better afterwards!!
-Take it easy!! even though i had a regular work day today with clients back to back i was able to just slow down. when i had a few minutes between clients i would just lay down, breathe and stretch the body. ideally, i would have rested more today but that was not going to happen.
-Deep breathing to get oxygen to the muscles and activate the parasympathetic NS!!
-Colonics or enemas are great for getting the colon clean and getting rid of a cold asap!!
-get lots of sleep!! i'm going to practice what i preach and go to bed now!!


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