Thursday, January 5, 2012

Juice Cleanse till 3:00 pm

what a beautiful day!! tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous also so i'm looking forward to lots of play time outside with the boys.
today i juiced all day and then had my first solid meal in 6 days around 3ish. after cleansing for 6 days you don't need to eat much to feel full. i ate about half of what i usually eat and felt totally satisfied. i feel best when i'm living on liquid nutrition because i feel very light and in-touch with my body. i practice yoga every day because that also gets me in touch with where my body, mind and spirit are that day. when i'm cleansing and practicing yoga i feel very connected to the earth and everyone around me. i feel very present and mindful in all situations. after eating a meal of solid food i feel "heavier"- i don't mean as in weight but in regards to the energy its taking my body to break down the food. when you drink liquid nutrition the body does not need to work as hard to break the food down and therefore, i have more energy to live life. when you eat solid food the body needs to work harder to break it down and therefore, you have less energy left over for life. when eating solid food remember to chew it 100% till its totally liquid, eat slow, eat mindfully and eat in a relaxed atmosphere.

my day:
digestive enzymes, probiotics
warm water, lemon, cayenne
made my green juice for the day
green juice, supplements, chlorella tablets- sipped my green juice and ate chlorella tablets while returning emails this morning.
love reusing the bottles from puree for my green juices- they are less messy than my mason jars!!

saw clients at studio- sipped on more green juice
10:15 90 minute massage- i see a bodyworker every other week. i feel bodywork is important for the balance of not only the musculoskeletal system but also the mind and spirit. Finding someone you see regularly who truly gets to know your body is important.
12:00 warm water, lemon, cayenne
Back to studio to see clients
3:00 digestive enzymes
3:15ish sweet potato, broccoli, peas with tahini and sea salt

7ish kombucha tea

look out for some fun recipes coming up in the next few days!! raw pad thai and spicy kale chips are just a couple!!

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