Sunday, January 22, 2012

Green Juice and Fruit Day plus more...

My day started with rebounding. i woke early before the boys and rebounded and then did my morning yoga practice. Rebounding is awesome to get the blood flowing plus get the lymphatic system pumping which helps to get rid of toxins. Rebounding is an awesome form of exercise for all ages. As you can see i keep the rebounder in the play room because the kids love it too.

my green juice, e-3 live and chlorella!!- my power breakfast!!

i always start the boys off with water or green juice and fresh fruit! today they had cantaloupe and mango. owen also ate his chlorella tablets which always turn him green!! the blue cup is owen's green juice. they usually eat up their fruit while i make them something else- eggs, buckwheat pancakes, sprouted bagel, raw dehydrated cereal, etc...

After more fun in the snow- snowboarding, building an igloo and sledding we came inside for watermelon and warm cacao- not a great combo but the boys ate it together. i just at the watermelon.

the boys warm cacao: pumpkin seed milk, cacao powder, honey, chocolate stevia, dash of cinnamon

today i did a green juice fruit cleanse day.
7ish had my green juice, chlorella, e-3 live
supplements, water
10ish watermelon
2:30ish mango
5ish a few chlorella tablets and small glass of green juice
8ish sipping on a green kombucha tea

I took owen to see Mouse on the Move at Imagination Stage today!! he loved it!! i highly recommend it!! Owen just sat in my lap totally immersed in the play. i love that it was audience participation too. Imagination Stage has lots of great opportunities for kids of all ages to get involved with theater and the arts. i look forward to many more shows there with owen and mason!

one key to living a healthy lifestyle is being organized and prepared!! this is one of my drawers filled with bottles and glass containers to store my drinks and food in.

i've actually stored away most of my mason jars because i now reuse puree's glass bottles for my juices. i love using the cups with straws (see in pic above) for my smoothies. For my salads and solid food i always use my pyrex glass containers. I suggest you find glasses, travel mugs, bowls etc that you love to use. Eating well is of course primarily about what you are eating but the drinking and eating experience is made better when you like the container its in. When i'm preparing all my juices and food for the day i always know i have a container to take it in- and plenty of them!!

have a great night!!


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