Friday, January 20, 2012

Love my Fridays!!

Today was a wonderful balanced day filled with movement, great nutrition and bonding time with my owen- mason was in school from 9-3. i woke early at 4:15 to be at the gym by 5am to get a good workout in. I did a combination of elliptical, treadmill, weights, yoga and stretching. it felt awesome!! i was planning another cleansing day but felt the need for more today so i did not do my green juice / watermelon cleanse as i was going to. After owen's mommy and me montessori class we practiced yoga together at home. i love having fun with him on the mat. then he played with his trucks while i got a few good sun salutations in!! check out some of our delicious and nutritious foods for the day!!!
i started my day with a 2 oz shot of e-3 live and my power smoothie after returning from my workout at equinox. i sipped on this from 7am-9:15ish.

coconut water
goji berries
bee pollen
sun warrior vanilla protein powder
pure synergy
barley grass powder
acai and pomegranate powder
camu camu
dulse and kelp
crystal energy
ionic minerals
blue manna

For breakfast the boys had cantaloupe, a bowl of lydia's organic raw dehydrated cereal with almond milk, sprouted bagel with almond butter and honey and almond milk with a few drops of chocolate stevia.

This is one kind of multi kids vitamin supplement i give them. the brand is garden of life.

For lunch i made a power salad that included sea veggies. sea veggies are important to eat for their mineral content. i soaked arame and hiziki in water for approximately 30 minutes before adding it to my salad.

here are the soaked arame and hiziki.

in a bowl i combined sunflower sprouts, fermented kim chi, arame, hiziki, dulse, kelp and mixed in a little tahini and ate this with my spicy curry kale chips!!

my spicy curry kale chips!!

owen munched on my salad and kale chips but decided he also wanted to make a sandwich. he made an organic rice vegan cheese and hummus sandwich on sprouted grain bread and a separate bowl of kim chi with sunflower sprouts!! he liked it and he loved making it for himself!! he's been loving making all kinds of sandwiches lately.

After picking up mason at school we came home and made smoothies. They wanted chocolate peanut butter so i combined coconut water, almond milk, banana, sunflower butter, carob, cacao, coconut sugar and pure synergy. they loved it. They are eating cantaloupe and drinking their smoothies while playing basketball in our playroom!!
have a wonderful weekend!!


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