Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today's Juice Cleanse

today i did a total juice cleanse and feel clean and light!! above are just some of my juices for the day- did not take pics of them all. i've been reusing my glasses from puree because i love them- better than mason jars. this was my day:
woke at 6ish
took probiotic and digestive enzymes
warm water with lemon and cayenne
equinox: yoga, cardio, weights
10:00 2 oz shot of E-3 live
10:30 16 oz green juice with supplements: multi womens, omega 3s, b-12, b-complex, d3, calcium, vit c
11-1:30 sipped on 2 16 oz green juices blended with chlorella
2:30 shot of beet juice (bought at puree)
3:00 16 oz carrot juice (bought at puree)
3:30-5ish 20 oz warm water with lemon and cayenne
7:00 kombucha tea

have a fabulous night!! kelly

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