Monday, January 23, 2012

Kicked-up Green Juice, Tonic & My Sweet Treat!!

Today started at 5am at equinox with an invigorating workout!! i love getting my body moving first thing in the morning- elliptical, treadmill, total body weights, core, stretching. then home to nourish my boys. they were already up when i arrived at home at 7am. they too wake up and are loaded with energy and ready to move!!
i was craving my green juice and still had to make it when i got home. i got the boys their morning drinks and food and then juiced it up!!

i rarely drink my green juice without adding something to it. i almost always add herbs, medicinal mushroom and / or superfoods. today i added crystal energy, ionic minerals and mega hydrate.

after owen and i went to My Organic Market and Whole Foods for our weekly shopping we did some yoga- i should say i did yoga and he bounced on the trampoline and played choo choos around my mat.
next it was time for a little tonic!!
tonics are awesome and a great way to get loads of nutrients into your body. Tonics are nutrient-dense drinks with a variety of herbs and medicinal mushrooms made to taste good. many of them are made to taste like typical coffee drinks- they are totally delish!! These are great on a cold day because you can make them warm by using warm tea. today i made a small tonic that included:
Gynostemma tea- spring dragon
Coconut oil
dragon herb capsules
Non-gmo lecithin
He shou wu
Noniland honey
i blended all the above together in my vitamix. It was warm, delicious and totally nourishing.

for my hubby and owen i made a simple green smoothie:

coconut water
green powder
camu camu
vanilla stevia
owen drinking his smoothie out of his cars cup!!

i was in the mood for a sweet treat so i made owen and i a snack of ripe pears and my sweet sunflower hemp seed butter!! i make my own nut/seed butters. its soo easy. i'll do pics of the steps in another blog post. in this batch i did:
sprouted sunflower seeds
hemp seeds
coconut sugar
couple drops of vanilla stevia
*i had the sunflower hemp seed butter prepared from another day and just added the coconut sugar and vanilla stevia to it today for this meal. i totally love this combo. it totally nourishes me and makes me feel playful- like a kid!! i often add spirulina to this too.

Have an assortment of organic raw sprouted nut/seed butters in your frig. Use them as dip for fruit or veggies, add to soups for good fats, add to dressings to make them thicker, add to smoothies for nutrients and soo much more....

have a yummy week!! kelly

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