Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Juice / Smoothie Cleanse

Another fabulous day energized by juice and smoothie cleanse. today i nourished my body with 2 2 oz shots of e-3 live, 2 1/2 16 oz green juices, loads of chlorella tablets, my daily supplements and two 16 ounce smoothies.
woke 5ish
warm water, lemon, cayenne
made juice
e-3 live, green juice, chlorella tablets
morning with boys
took mason to school and went to mommy and me montessori class with owen. we go to the mommy and me class every wednesday and friday and i love it. today's lesson was how to make a sandwich and the "order" of things. when we got home i had my nanny make a sandwich with him and she said he had a blast and ate it all up!! i was soooo bummed to miss it but i had to go to the studio to see clients. of course we have made sandwiches before but he was super excited about making one today.
more green juice and chlorella tablets
studio to see clients
sipped on smoothie while picking up mason at school
returned to studio to see more clients and sipped on power smoothie
home to boys- at the end of the day my house is truly a home. i love coming home, hopping in a hot shower and getting cozy in my PJs. i can then get cozy and be present with the boys. tonight we played a curious george game while listening to classical music and then we read solar system books!! i love reading time and the boys do too. we are all snuggled together in bed learning about the world through reading.
mason is now sound asleep but my little night owl, owen, is showing me his helicopter as i write this!! i love them both soooo much.
my juices and e-3 live!!

my power smoothie ingredients:

coconut water
pure synergy green powder
blue manna green powder
barley grass powder
acai powder
camu camu
pomegranate powder
ionic minerals
crystal energy

It was delicious!!

Time for bed! kelly

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