Sunday, January 29, 2012

Go Go Go- but still be PRESENT!!!

i love going, going, going!! Some people thrive on relaxing and others thrive with activity. i thrive on activity!! I love making plans, learning new things, engaging in conversation about topics i enjoy (life, love, movement, food/nutrition, travel, kids, family etc), organizing the house etc. as much as i go go go- i don't rush through each moment. i'm mindful of each moment and i'm present in each moment. this is very important to me. i've had to learn to say no and limit what i schedule so that i can be present in each activity and experience. if we have too much on our plates then life will just flash by.

its important to me to make every day activities meaningful. for instance, when the boys are taking a bath. yes we get clean but this is time for us to slow down, spend time together, make up fun stores and just chat. i have both boys in a contained area and we just get to hang out. Bath time for us is creative story time. they come up with amazing imaginary stories with all their toys in the tub and i just focus on listening and interacting with them.

when it comes to daily housework we all work together. i use this time for lots of training and encouragement. when i say training i mean teaching the boys how to do daily jobs to keep an organized clean house. for instance, when i'm unloading the dishes owen and mason help and know where everything goes. when we are making meals they are always involved. of course there are times that they just want to play but most of the time we are working together. i work on creating a family that works together and enjoys time together-even doing regular everyday things. i feel that these regular every day things can be the best times together. I always try to make it fun too!!

i've learned alot from the PEP classes that i have taken and i will continue taking more. one of the most important tips is giving your child at least 10 encouraging statements a day. For instance, tonight when we were making dinner the boys were making the pasta- black bean pasta with a raw tomato sauce. the boys took turns adding ingredients and stirring and when it came to owen's turn things went flying. i could have freaked out and said "now i have to clean all this up and half our dinner is now on the floor!" but instead i said "great job- you covered all the pasta in the bowl with sauce. we did lose a few noodles but no big deal. what should we do with the noodles that we lost on the floor?" owen said, "pick up and put in trash". i said, "exactly- lets do it together. what could we do differently next time to try to keep the noodles in the bowl?" owen looked at me for a little while and then said, "stir slower". i said, "yes- stir slower next time. mason, would you like to help us pick up the noodles too?" i'm aware of everything i say an do around the kids. i feel everything becomes part of who they are and who they will become!!

today was a go go go day with the boys!!
woke early and at the gym by 8am- boys had fun at the kid zone and i got in a workout.

today i ran out of greens to make my green juice so we stopped next to equinox at Puree to get their green juice which was apples, kale, cucumber, lemon- then i added ginger and spirulina and ate my chlorella tablets with it. i'm soooo happy puree is here for those days that i either run out of my greens or want my beet and carrot juices or just something i have not prepared ahead of time. thanks puree!!
i've been doing lots of spirulina in my green juices. i've been doing more strength training and i think my body wants the protein. spirulina is 60% protein.

home for snack- owen had a vega bar and mason had cantaloupe.
mason was off to karate with daddy

today was owens first day of soccer practice- he was a star!! i love how he put his foot on the ball like he is a pro soccer player!!

we all met at home for lunch and i did a short yoga practice while they ate lunch. i did my practice in the dining/kitchen area while they ate so we could all be together. i like just being together!

next it was soccer in the back yard.

here i am all bundled up!! mason always says to me, "why do you always wear so much stuff??" it could be freezing outside and they still don't want their coats. i'm always bundled up!!

then off to the park for bike and scooter riding. at the park today mason made up a new game- scooter soccer!!

owen still loves his bike!!

home for dinner, clean up, bath, game time- shutes and ladders, reading time and bed!!
love sundays with the boys!!
live each moment to the fullest!!

Saturday night we got dressed up for a fabulous wedding downtown!! its nice putting a dress on occasionally!! no that is not my beer on the table!!

the kids got to have fun with Katie!!! thanks katie!!


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