Friday, January 13, 2012

Power Smoothie & Sea Veggie Delight!!!

Today was a perfect day of family, work adventures and friends. i slept in and woke with the kids today which is fabulous occasionally!!! i was up a little late last night and felt i wanted my complete sleep. After working on juc'd for a few months and not getting my needed sleep i value my full night sleep every night now!! If you do not get your required sleep and feel you need caffeine to function please take time to reassess your schedule and see if you can make changes that allow you to get more sleep and get rid of caffeine. caffeine will eventually kill your adrenals and cause other health problems. Plus- you don't want to NEED anything everyday- except for yoga and chlorella tablets like me!! ha ha!!
i actually did not make my green juice today- believe it or not!! i made a huge power smoothie:

coconut water
goji berries
pure synergy green powder
blue manna
crystal energy
ionic minerals
barley grass powder
pomegranate powder
acai powder
sun warrior vanilla protein powder

check out my delish meal this afternoon- Sea Veggie Delight! my friend katie was over watching owen for me while i went to a meeting and when i returned we made a raw feast!! i love spending time with like-minded people!!
In a saucepan i added:

olive oil
kelp noodles
baby spinach
red peppers
dash of sea salt
i warmed the saucepan very lightly so that my food is still RAW- just warmed lightly. i like this on a cold windy day like today. next, i placed this in a bowl and added sprinkle of sprouted and ground up pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast and sea salt and slices of avocado. We ate this bowl of nutrient-dense food with my spicy curry kale chips and cheesy crunchy kale chips. i also added to the bowl a sprinkle of the leftover ground up kale chips for a little extra crunch. This meal was warm, cozy and totally satisfying. owen ate it with us too!!

bottom of the box of my cheesy crunchy kale chips

tonight is pizza and cupcake night for the boys. yes- i let my kids enjoy pizza and cupcakes occasionally. the key for me is getting the healthiest version of these foods- so its not pizza from dominos or cupcakes from a box!!

have a fabulous weekend!! kelly

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